Poolsman preview 6 released

Monday, February 19, 2024

We are pleased to announce Poolsman Preview 6 release that adds more advanced features in pool disks management, as well as some dataset properties that are very important for NFS and Samba shares. Now you are able to:

  1. Convert a disk group (VDEV) of a Single Disk to a Mirror.
  2. Remove disk from a Mirror (convert it to a Single Disk VDEV).
  3. Convert Mirror to a N-way Mirror and back.
  4. Add new disk groups to an existing pool. All disk group types are supported (Data, Spare, Log, Special, Cache, Dedup).
  5. Remove Spare, Cache, Log disk groups from any pool.
  6. Remove Data, Special and Dedup disk groups of Mirror or Single Disk configuration from pools that don't include RAID-Z disk groups (it's a ZFS limitation). It also means that now it's possible to remove mirrored DATA disk group from a pool (all allocated space on the removed disk group will be moved to another devices in the pool in the background).
  7. Configure mount point, DNode Size, Extended attributes (XAttr) type, ATime and RelATime properties of a file system dataset. These properties are very important in case of using NFS and Samba shares.
  8. Configure snapshot limit for dataset. Our general recommendation there is to configure limit for the root dataset (it would allow ZFS to calculate snapshots count for every dataset in the pool and display it in Poolsman UI).
  9. Configure file system properties right during pool creation.
  10. Force pool creation in case if ZFS thinks that some devices are in use.
  11. Use Poolsman without installed 'smartctl' tool. Previously there was an unhandled error if it wasn't installed. Now Poolsman just don't display S.M.A.R.T. data in such case.