Use ZFS with ease on your favorite Linux.

Poolsman is a modern Web UI for OpenZFS storage platform used on common Linux systems.

What is Poolsman?

Poolsman gives you an easy, graphical way to manage extremely powerful OpenZFS storage platform that combines the functionality of filesystem, volume manager and more. In contrast with other popular UIs for ZFS, it can be installed on almost any Linux machine (from laptops to servers) because it's just an app, not a specialized storage OS.

Great ZFS support

Within few clicks you can configure redundant software-defined RAID arrays (pools) with bit-rot data protection and caching, create Datasets and ZVols with optional compression, deduplication, encryption, make instant snapshots, clone file systems, control temperature and health (S.M.A.R.T.) state of your drives and much more.

True Linux integration

Poolsman implemented as a module for popular Cockpit Web UI for Linux, which is available in standard repositories of many Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Rocky Linux, openSUSE, Arch Linux, Proxmox, etc). Poolsman doesn't reinvent subsystems or adds new API layers, instead it's just UI that works directly with ZFS by Shell.

UI that you can trust

If you are an expert admin you'll probably appreciate the unique command preview feature. You don't have to worry about what UI is really doing because you can review each command before execution, copy it and repeat in Shell if needed. Thanks to WebAssembly and Blazor technologies that allowed to do that with ease.

What's next?

Poolsman is under active development and we expect a lot of new features this year. They include data replication and scheduled tasks (trim, scrub and S.M.A.R.T. checks) with e-mail notifications. Tell us if you are interested in MacOS/Windows port, additional modules for Samba, NFS, iSCSI shares or Cloud Sync Tasks.

Poolsman is already available

You can start using it right now by joining our Early Access Program (EAP). It's a special program for early adopters, that is provided for a reasonable price and allows us to support the development. However Poolsman is in early preview stage, it already includes a lot of features and has been tested on various operating systems.

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