Poolsman preview 5 released

Thursday, August 10, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited Poolsman Preview 5 release that brings support in resolving different pool health issues:

  1. Ability to replace existing disk with new or spare device and track the replacement process.
  2. Additional support in work with spare devices (marking spares that are in use, temporary and permantent replacement with spare, replacing from spare with another spare, etc.)
  3. Take disks offline/online for maintenance purpose with the option to mark devices as faulted and revert to the previous state after reboot.
  4. Track the status of pool resilver (rebuild), scrub (verification) and trim processes.
  5. Initiate scrubbing manually with the ability to pause and stop it (scheduled scrub is expected later).
  6. Trim all or selected disks with an optional speed limit in order to decrease the load on your pool, as well as pause and stop already running trimming for individual disks (scheduled trim is expected later).
  7. Improved support for dRAID pools (correct representation of the pool topology and full support for disks replacement, however dRAID support is still in experimental state).