Poolsman preview 2 released

Friday, December 2, 2022

We are pleased to present the 2nd Poolsman preview release with various new features and significant bug fixing based on first user experience. It includes:

  1. Editing settings of existing datasets (both file systems and volumes).
  2. Renaming of existing snapshots.
  3. Ability to safely disconnect pool from the system (pool export).
  4. Theme settings are persistent now and stored in a browser local storage.
  5. Data validation in all forms has been significantly improved.
  6. Fixed issues with various antivirus and firewall systems, that prevended loading Blazor WebAssembly files in a web browser.

Today we are also starting to provide a free 7-day trial access upon request in manual mode (it will be automated later). If you'd like to get a trial now, please register on Poolsman website and ask for a trial key via Contact form.